Monday, 18 August 2008

Now what? 记起来以后怎么了?

I have now remembered how to get into this account, so I can again regail every one (who still does/did care) with... stuff I already know someone will (it is the internet afterall).
I am still teaching, I don't know how much of that I want to include, but I believe that this could be a good medium for my tea stuff, as well as really cool stuf that I learn while teaching. Some will only be in chinese everthing else will be a translation practice. I think that this will be good for me... I hope I have time to live up to my aspirations. ( I don't look forward to translating that sentance...)

因为我记起来了什么进来这个庄户所以我回告诉各个人(谁可不可能要知道)。。。 事, 我已经知道一个人想看(她是我的老婆)她也会帮我写(语法什么的)。可能应该说,我的翻译能有点儿不一样, 汉语写的有一点别的事英语的当然一样。 
这可能就是一个地方我会练习翻译英语到汉语。 我希望我的时间足够,写上以后翻译到汉语, (我觉得我刚欺骗了)

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