Thursday, 21 August 2008

Forign Language Teachers...

Currently one of my Chinese teacher, is... not Chinese, I don't have a problem with that as such. What I do have a problem with is that she isn't familiar with the Chinese that I have been taught by people in china. For example every week we have to hand in a small homework exercise, some translation, using some words in a sentence etc. My first week I had everything checked/ corrected by a native Chinese, Chinese speaker. I got 14/20... I believe that this is possibly not correct. I got deducted marks for using language that Chinese people use... I am not too happy with this teacher, one of the worst thing is that she is a great teacher, organized, clearly planned classes, pushes you to work in a productive manner etc, but she isn't too experienced with native colloquial Chinese. I imagine like a French speaking Canadian, it's just not the same.
This last weeks home work, one question asking us to use a particular structure I got half wrong, the comment that followed was "I am not sure what you're trying to say here" . The sentence was "how could you not have heard it, have you been to china?" I asked a native speaker and she had the same response. When I explained what I wanted to say which is "How could you not have heard this type of sentence, have you even been to china?" It made perfect sense... I guess I will have to cop that one...

Monday, 18 August 2008

Now what? 记起来以后怎么了?

I have now remembered how to get into this account, so I can again regail every one (who still does/did care) with... stuff I already know someone will (it is the internet afterall).
I am still teaching, I don't know how much of that I want to include, but I believe that this could be a good medium for my tea stuff, as well as really cool stuf that I learn while teaching. Some will only be in chinese everthing else will be a translation practice. I think that this will be good for me... I hope I have time to live up to my aspirations. ( I don't look forward to translating that sentance...)

因为我记起来了什么进来这个庄户所以我回告诉各个人(谁可不可能要知道)。。。 事, 我已经知道一个人想看(她是我的老婆)她也会帮我写(语法什么的)。可能应该说,我的翻译能有点儿不一样, 汉语写的有一点别的事英语的当然一样。 
这可能就是一个地方我会练习翻译英语到汉语。 我希望我的时间足够,写上以后翻译到汉语, (我觉得我刚欺骗了)

Sunday, 17 August 2008

啊, 什么???

哦, 我进来了,密好真的记起来了,


Sunday, 23 September 2007

Last day at Law

After over 6 years I have officially finished working for the ANU College of Law. It is amazing how scary that is. It has been a good job with reasonable pay for many years, and now it is no more.
I am onto bigger and better things though, better pay closer to home, overseas travel. It should be good times for both Kung Fu Fist and Tea!

Unexpected visit

When you're giving a Kung Fu demonstration your mind is somewhat occupied. So when you see your sisters who live in 12000 km away standing in front of you it makes for a great amount of confusion. It turns out they were down visiting their father (not mine). If he lived less than 400km away this would have made perfect sense I am sure. I gave up trying to understand this and instead spent some time with my long lost (haven't seen in over 12months) sisters. I also saw my former step-father. This was quite interesting, but civil so that was nice...


What fun that was, two full demonstrations 2hrs apart. It was a long day but a good result. I think that very few people were able to see the errors that were made and even less were able to say exactly what was done wrong. We seemed to pull about 100 more people together than any of the other displays for the day so that must be a good sign.
I've been told that I will be getting copies of photo's taken by students etc so I will post those asap.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Getting back

Not happy. Two Chinese exams down and both had major errors! Though I did do lots of study and I have learned a lot from it I do wish that I was able to get it right at the time. The good part is that the total of the two exams are only 2o% of my final mark so I still can get an HD!

I did well in my questions though I wasn't able to follow my notes due to lack of full "rehersal" I take partial responsibility but there was a time factor to consider.
The lecturer said that the exam was too long for the time given partly because we started late and had to finish early! However I do know however that I answered more of the written exam than many of my peers. So that makes me feel good!